Star Wars Organic Overlord Iron-on Vinyl Shirt DIY

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Make a Star Wars themed shirt with Cricut cut iron-on vinyl in blue that reads I am your organic overlord inspired by the Han Solo Movie

Star Wars Organic Overlord Iron-on Vinyl Shirt DIY

     Maybe this isn't the most popular opinion...but I absolutely love the Star Wars spinoff movies!  The Han Solo Movie was really exciting for me...I mean, Han Solo!  I will go see any movie in the Star Wars franchise regardless of reviews or the public opinion.  Especially if it's about Han Solo!  I like seeing the Millenium Falcon in all its glory...and Lando Calrissian is wonderful--I think they need a Lando spinoff!  So I took a phrase from the movie, said by L3--Lando's droid, and made a funny shirt for my brother.  "I am your organic overlord". Sideways shot of the shirt with a BB8 and R2D2 toy decorating the shirt made using the Cricut Maker and EasyPress.
Right click to save off this image, it's just text using the Star Wars themed font.

You will need:

Cricut Maker
Everyday Iron-on
Cricut Brightpad
Cricut Weeding Tools
EasyPress 2 (large)
EasyPress Mat
Protective Cover Sheet

     Place the vinyl shiny side down on the cutting mat and cut the image in reverse or mirrored mode.  Don't forget to mirror the image or it will only be able to be read while facing a mirror!  I've wasted so much vinyl cutting it out wrong.
Use the hook tool to weed the excess iron-on vinyl.  Weeding is much easier when placing the iron on vinyl on the Cricut Bright Pad tool.
Place the shirt on the EasyPress mat and warm it up with the EasyPress, se the EasyPress to the recommended settings on this chart.
Place the iron-on vinyl on the shirt and press down with the EasyPress.
While the shirt is cooling off, let me show you my favorite Star Wars shirt I ever made:
R2D2 for this little guy!  He loved this shirt and wore it every chance he got.  He even wore it to Disneyworld!
Look how big my son is...well at least this was him a year ago--and he stills loves a great R2D2 Shirt!  Check out this post too!
Smiling 9 year old boy wearing star wars shirt with r2d2 and c3po in iron on vinyl
Alright, the vinyl has cooled down...then peel off the carrier sheet.

That's it!  

Just 15 minutes to make an awesome shirt!  Perfect for a May 4th inspired shirt!  I love all things Geekery and Fandom.  I have an entire tab across my header called "Geekery"'s filled with loads of crafts inspired by my favorite fandoms.  Star Wars has it's own category...I love all things Star Wars!


Laura said…
I love Star Wars, too, and another geekery totally saved me. When my daughter wanted to "design your own pony" at her birthday party a few years ago, you had exactly what I was looking for!