R2D2 Shirt!

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6:00 AM
September 2012, I made a BUNCH of T-shirts as a Back To School Wardrobe!
I have had numerous requests about this one.
R2D2.  Who doesn't love this little guy?
I began with an orange t-shirt from the dollar store.
Orange is my #3's favorite color, so luck it seems is on our side!
 Here's the cartoon network coloring book image I used.
I put the file into silhouette studios, selected the area,
then had it trace the outline. (right click save for personal use only)
I put freezer paper on my cutting mat and had my silhouette cameo cut it out for me!
You could do this with a hobby knife and a cutting mat.

 Here's how it went down.
I took each piece off the silhouette mat one at a time and ironed it in place...

 It was tedious getting all those little pieces ironed on where they should be...

 And you can tell that not all the lines are lined up...but whatever!

 Then I used Silhouette brand fabric paint.
It's a little pricey, but holds up nicely and feels soft.
I used a stipple brush and painted all the spaces black!

 I remove all the freezer paper while the paint is still tacky.
And it looks awesome just like this!

 But I took it a step further and colored in the shape,
just like a coloring book!
 The orange shirt was hard to cover up with the white,
so I just shaded it!
 Brand spankin' new and lovin' it!

Well, how does it hold up?
Here he is in all his Star Wars glory at Hollywood Studios in June...
9 months later (and probably worn once a week or more!)
 It's faded and distressed looking...and AWESOME!
He got lots of compliments on his cool shirt!
I should make him another one because of how much he loves it!

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