Tie Dye Galaxy Canvas Shoes DIY!

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Tie Dye Galaxy Canvas Shoes DIY!

Tie Dye the best Galaxy Shoes in a galaxy far, far away!  This is a great way to upcycle a pair of canvas shoes that might be a little worn--this will give them new life!

Canvas shoes are not 100% cotton...so the dye will fade quite a bit.  Don't be discouraged, just be prepared.  The galaxy is subtle and has peeks of nebula's and light...but it's not super bright.  

Let's get started--this is a fun summer craft for the whole family.

Supplies Needed for Tie Dye Galaxy Shoes:

White or cream canvas shoes
Baking rack
Plastic grocery bags or equivalent
White paint/Stiff brush

Step 1: Set up for Dying

Remove the laces from the shoes and set them on a cooling rack over a tablecloth.

Step 2: Dying Time!

 Now fill the dyes up to the fill line and shake well.  You will need the pink, teal, blue, yellow, black and purple dyes.

Begin by soaking the shoes in water, this will help the dye spread and soak in the canvas.  Start with the pink and add some color here and there.  Next add the yellow.  Let the yellow touch the pink so they blend to orange.

Add teal, blue and purple.  The shoes do not need to be symmetrical.  Just be creative and add color here and there.  They look like hippie tie dye shoes right now.

Finally add the black.  Leave some of the colors visible.  I love how the colors bleed and blend together.

Wrap the shoes in individual grocery bags and let them sit in the sunshine for 6-8 hours.

Then remove the shoes from the bags and rinse them in the sink until the water is clear.

So far so good...now throw them in the wash for a quick cycle.

Once they dry, the colors will be much more subtle.  Get some white paint and a stiff brush to add stars in the universe.

Fill the brush with paint and then flick your finger across the brush to splatter specs of paint everywhere.

Let the paint dry completely and then tie up the shoelaces.

They look awesome!  Tie dye is so much fun and nothing is quite as cool as creating a galaxy!

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