Star Wars Bleached Galaxy Logo Shirt DIY

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 Star Wars Bleached Galaxy Logo Shirt DIY
I love Star Wars and galaxy painting, so this is the best of both worlds.  We love Star Wars and like to dress up when we go see the new movie in the theater, the Han Solo movie will be no exception.  This DIY shirt is perfect for wearing and showing off your Star Wars geek pride.
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 Gather Supplies:
Freezer Paper
Black T-Shirt
Cricut EasyPress
Cricut EasyPress Mat
Bleach in Spray Bottle
Stencil Brush
White and Blue Craft Paint
Place Freezer paper on the cutting mat with the glossy side on the mat.  Cut the image without mirroring.  Then carefully peel off the Freezer Paper "negative" space to use as a stencil.
Remove the useless letters, but keep the inside pieces.
Place the black t-shirt on the EasyPress mat.
Place the freezer paper stencil on the shirt.
Use the EasyPress...or an iron, and iron over the freezer paper with low heat until it adheres to the shirt.  The glossy side of the freezer paper is coated in light wax and will stick to the shirt.
Add in the centers of the A's and R's and iron them down.  Then cover the sides and top of the shirt with more freezer paper.  This will protect it from paint and bleach.
Now, take the shirt outside and lay it on the sidewalk.
Next, get a small spray bottle filled with bleach.
Spray the bleach over the shirt where the logo is showing.  It takes about 5 minutes for the shirt to bleach out.
While the shirt is bleaching, bring out the paint and stencil brush.
The shirt goes from black to coral pretty quick--maybe 5 minutes.
Get some blue craft on your stencil brush.
Paint on the logo while the freezer paper is still in tact.  Add any variety of colors you want.  I just used blue.
Then put white paint in the paintbrush and use your finger to splatter the paint specks all over the logo.  Create your constellations...paint details in, whatever your imagination can come up with.
Let the shirt sit for about 5 minutes.
Then remove the freezer paper and dispose of it.
Now the logo looks like a galaxy far, far away!  Perfect alternative to tie-dye and so much fun!
The perfect Star Wars shirt to celebrate May 4th!  Make one today!
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