12 Delicious Easter Sunday Brunch Recipes!

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The best part of Easter Sunday is the yummy brunch!  I love making delicious recipes that are sweet and savory, perfect for Easter brunch.

12 Delicious Easter Brunch Recipes

     The best part of Easter Sunday is the yummy brunch!  I love making delicious recipes that are sweet and savory, perfect for Easter brunch.  Breakfast foods that are rich and decadent...sandwiches with a sweet component...and everything in between! 

Which one looks the best to you?  I'd love a Monte Cristo Waffle or Croque Madame right now.  Have you made any of these?  What is your favorite brunch food item?  I'd love to hear your favorite recipes too--I always need new ideas!

The monte cristo waffles are filled with savory delights and spread with sweet flavors.  It's the perfect combination for a fabulous brunch.
Make a sweet and savory Monte Cristo waffle with raspberry jam and powdered sugar

Setting out an array of Eggo waffles, Reddi-Wip cream, fresh pieces of fruit, chocolate sauce for drizzling and sprinkles...is the perfect way to celebrate Easter or any Sunday brunch.
Eggo waffles with reddi-wip sponsored post with dream works Spirit Riding Free cartoon on Netflix

This sticky sweet bread is divine.  It's one layer thick, so there's no raw and doughy center.  It's the perfect variety with a butterscotch caramel.

Again this is the perfect combination of sweet and savory...a delight for brunch.  This is full of everything needed to keep the family full and happy.
Cream Cheese, raspberry jam and ham on a fresh roll makes the most delicious sandwich.

This sweet and soft bread is wonderful for a brunch time snack.  It's easy to make a starter and keep it going forever.

This is my favorite brunch dish for Christmas morning, but it is wonderful on any day of the week.  It's a great brunch for large groups too.

I absolutely love hot cocoa.  This is a fun recipe that is perfect for just a single cup full.

I didn't think I would like these, but they are delightful!

Crispy and creamy.  This puff pastry is a game changer when it comes to a croque madame.
Crisp puff pastry with ham and cheese, topped with a fried egg and sliced avocado for a delicious croque madame

Make drinking water a delight by infusing it with magical properties...I mean fruit.

2 words: buttermilk syrup.  It's heavenly!  I would pour this on grilled cheese too!
Make mouth watering french toast with sweet buttermilk syrup topped with tart raspberries for the perfect holiday morning breakfast.

This recipe is awesome and uses greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise.  Healthy and delicious.

Didn't I say that I love hot chocolate?  I do.  In fact, I drink a cup every day that it's cold outside.  Make it even better with a hot chocolate bar.  Perfect for a chilly Easter morning.

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