Grosche Infusion Water Pitcher and Infused Water

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Do you drink infused water?

Infused waters are delicious and refreshing.  They have a little flavor of fruit infused right into the water, but no sugar or additives.  This is a great way to get plenty of water to drink each day.  If you've been trying to drink more water regularly, this makes it feel and taste like a treat.  Okay, it's not a "treat" because it's not overly sweet and sugary, but it flavors the water just enough to make it wonderful.
This is an amazing Infusion Pitcher.  It holds lots of fresh fruit for the perfect infused water.  The pitcher is tall and sleek and fits perfectly in the fridge for a cold drink on a hot day.

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The best part is that Grosche gives back with the Safe Water Project.  Any purchase made helps provide others with sustainable water purification.  It also funds education on sanitation and safe water.  Together we're changing lives, one cup at a time.
Isn't this water bottle adorable!?  I love the wide mouth top and screw on lid.  The container is glass, so no worries about plastics leeching into water.  It comes with a neoprene sleeve to protect it from slips and chips...but it's hard to cover up the cute design!
 I washed and sliced up a lemon, strawberry and mandarin orange.  I absolutely love the taste of lemons.  I like to cut them in half, salt them and then straight up eat adding them to water is delightful.
When I was pregnant with my daughter (now 15), my brother got married to his wife.  They decorated their reception with lemons, among other things.  At the end of the night they needed people to take lemons home with them.  I took a box full of those sour delights.  My pregnant body craved those yellow citrus fruits.  I ate them all over the course of the month.  Flash forward a year or daughter was adorable and eating foods...and we happened to have some fresh lemons.  We thought it would be fun to see her taste one and cringe.  Well, to our surprise, she didn't cringe!  She smiled and loved it!  We nick-named her "Little Lemons" and still call her that to this day!
Fill the pitcher with some fruit and simply put it in the fridge for a half a day.  Drink as much as you want and then refill the pitcher.  The fruit will continue infusing the water for a couple days.
 After drinking some of the water, I just kept refilling it and refrigerating it again.  The fruit continued its infusion powers for about 2-3 days.   Here's a round up of wonderful infused water recipes.
 If you aren't as keen on lemons--like you don't eat them right out of the peels--then maybe just add a single slice.  After a few hours it is pretty strong and since it's not sweetened, other than by the strawberries, it does not taste like lemonade.  It's great lemon water though!
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Valentina said…
I love infused water! It's so tasty and easy to make. I really should make it more often!!
shirley said…
I make Easter dinner like my grandma did, ham, bread loaf, veggies and pies.
This is such a great way to use this beautiful pitcher! Perfect for hydrating!