Raspberry Jam Cream Cheese Ham Sandwich Recipe!

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I created this sandwich in partnership with Eckrich for Facebook and wanted to post it here to remember it and share it with you!  I was compensated originally for this post on Facebook.
Cream Cheese, raspberry jam and ham on a fresh roll makes the most delicious sandwich.

Raspberry Jam-Cream Cheese-Ham Sandwich Recipe!

This sandwich is delicious and one of my favorites.  It's the perfect sandwich to use up leftover Christmas ham.  I used deli sliced ham for this.  It's also delightful with leftover turkey, rolls & cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner too! 
 It’s sweet and smoky—total bliss. Add some grapes for utter perfection.
Works great with leftovers, or just pick up a few things from the store and deli counter.


5 slices of deli sliced ham (Eckrich Black Forest and Ham Off the Bone pictured)

1 Fresh Baked Roll

2 Tablespoons of softened Cream Cheese

2 Tablespoons of Raspberry Jam

Slice roll in half. Spread cream cheese on one half of the roll.
Spread Raspberry jam on the other roll half.  Fold and layer the 5 slices of deli sliced ham, alternating the Black Forest and Ham slices. 
Sandwich together and enjoy.  Serve with grapes, chips or a salad!
Absolutely amazing!  You will love the combination of smoked meat with sweet jam...and the cream cheese that ties it all together!
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