10+ of The Most Colorful Crafts Ever Round-Up!

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These crafts are colorful and will drive the Winter blues away

10+ of The Most Colorful Crafts Ever Round-Up!

Colorful crafts are so much fun.  Where I am living, it's Autumn...it's getting cold, breezy, crisp, and jewel toned.  I love the bright colors and love working with bright colors indoors to help combat the Winter blues.  Here's the greatest COLORFUL craft round up ever...13 fun ideas to brighten your day!

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Alcohol Ink and Gold Leaf Coasters
This is one of my all time favorite crafts...it is so much fun and looks amazing!

Coffee Flower Wreath
I love the fern paper leaves and the hand dyed coffee filter flowers!

Watercolor and Frisket
Using masking material to resist the water colors is a great way to do a watercolor art piece with minimal skill!

Marbled Notebooks
Yummy and yes!  I love the rainbow of bright colors--marbling is so fun!

Crochet Wreath
Crocheted flowers are cute and easy to make!

Watercolor Rainbow Art
Make a watercolor wash and hand letter over the top of it--maximum awesome!

Paper Flower Backdrop
These flowers are huge!  They are fun to make and bring an entire wall to life!

Paper Baskets
Great gift giving option--easy to collapse, compost or recycle when done!

Rolled Paper Frame
Don't do this project!!!  It's cute and brightly colored...but it's a nightmare!

Bandanna Blanket
Easy first sewing project--great handmade gift idea too!

DVD Mosaic Tray
All the colors in this awesome reflective surface!

Umbrella Wreath
Now kick back with an ice cold lemonade!

Flower Monogram
Gorgeous way to add some Summer indoors!

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