Watercolor Word Art with Frisket!

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 Watercolor Art with Frisket!
This is such a fun technique for watercolors.  Simple mask the area you want to leave blank and then paint right over it.  Peel away the masking and it leaves the solid white behind.  This is a genius trick for artists.
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Let's get started!
 You will need:
Liquid Frisket and Incredible Nib
(like this one from Amazon)

Watercolor paper
I got mine from Oriental Trading in exchange for this review
These Pearlescent ones are fabulous (again from Oriental Trading)
Begin by dipping the nib brush into the frisket and painting or
drawing on the desired quote or image.
Whatever you draw on will be white at the end...it just
masks off the paper and keeps the paint off!
Then let it dry completely.
I use frog tape to tape my paper to the table.
Next brush the paper with water...
Then start adding color!
I love the rainbow look!
Let it dry completely.
Then lift up the edge of the frisket and roll it off!
It's fabulous!
It's highly addictive too!
Makes great wall art, cards or notes!

Let the colors bleed and mix!
Sprinkle with a little bit of salt for fun effects!
Splatters and splashes are great too!
Let dry and ta-da!
Looks great in a frame too!

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I love this idea. The problem is I don't love my handwriting as much as I love yours :p