Watercolor Wash & Calligraphy Lettering Quotes

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Watercolor Wash & Calligraphy Lettering Quotes
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You will need:
painters tape
Use your painters tape (I get mine at the dollar store...it's strong enough for this project)
and tape your paper to your working surface.
Use the wide brush to paint water on the paper.

Then add color by dabbing, splattering and touching.
Don't over do it...just let the paint swirl and mix with the other colors.
Then let it dry completely.
The tape will keep your paper flat.
Then peel off the tape carefully.
Now you can write directly on the paper with the brush pen.
Do wide down strokes and thin upstroke lines...using basic cursive.
 Let the lines be wobbly.
Let the angle of the words change.
Let it be fluid.
 Then I used a Stardust gelly roll pen to add some shimmer to the downstrokes.
 Then frame it and display it!
I love this quote!
"I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now"
Do your favorite scripture verse...
Use a bigger marker for a shorter quote!
And of course,
lyrics are perfect too!

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