DIY: Paper Flower Wall Backdrop!

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 DIY: Paper Flower Wall Backdrop!
The best way to set the scene for a fun party is with a backdrop and a buffet spread!
Let's work on the backdrop--party to come!
You'll need a stack of paper.
I used card stock this time because that is what I had...but any colored paper is perfect!
And you'll need a lot.
Each flower is about 5-7 pages each.
You can do a small one with 4 pages.
 Okay, I have lots of paper flower tutorials, and I've listed them
all at the bottom of this post.
But let's do another.
Take 2 sheets of paper, fold them in quarters
Take 4 sheets and fold them in half.
Then cut a petal shape out of'll have 8 quarter page size and 8 half size pieces.
 You will also need a circle.
This one is about 6 inches in diameter.
 Put hot glue around the edges.
 Doesn't have to be neat.
 Start with the largest petals and stick them all around the circle.
 Every flower I did was different, variety is awesome.
You'll get the hang of it and then get really creative!
 This one only fit 7 petals.
 Then add glue and another row of petals.
 Cut a big circle out of one sheet of paper and spiral it...
then roll it up and glue it.  This becomes the center.
<<More details on this flower post>>
Hot glue the rolled center in the middle.
 Then find something round, like a glue stick and roll the edges of the petals.
 Roll them tight, all the way to the center...
 Then release!
They make the perfect curls!
Finish rolling all the petals.
Looks awesome!
 Accordion fold some green paper and cut leaves.
 Then repeat!
Use every color of paper you want!
Or just a few, and stick to a theme.
Great for a wedding backdrop too!

Then the trick is hanging them up.
I had these round cardboard pieces that were perfect for mounting multiple flowers.
I could only fit about 2 to 3 flowers on each disc.
 Others I just hot glued a little piece of pipe cleaner on to hang it from.
But, pretty much each flower group is hanging on one command hook.
You could build a frame network of really thick cardboard and then hang that up...
But this works great for a wall.
 Then stand back and look...and add some more flowers.
It took me 5 hours to make these flowers...they take a while!
Honestly, it's mostly just holding in place while the hot glue cools.

I updated my current bunting with one that was more colorful!
It's easy to DIY!
There's a full tutorial on Tissue Paper Garlands at this post.
You just need a string, tissue paper and scissors.  So easy.
 Once everything is set up, you have the perfect backdrop!
Here's how it fills our whole open wall.
We are having a buffet table underneath, but you could make flowers go all the way to the ground!
Can't wait to show you how it all comes together on Thursday!
See that pink one on the bottom right?...that's covering the light switch!
 Perfect DIY Paper Flower wall backdrop!
Great for photo ops, back grounds and beautiful decor at home,
for parties or big events like weddings!
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