How to Make a Galaxy Dress with Tie Dye!

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Best dress in all of time and space! This cute dress was on its way out to recycling because of a bleach spot. By upcycling this dress with bleach, tie dye and paint, it turned into a work of art!

Okay, I don't profess to be a model...but I absolutely love this dress! Nor does my ten year old profess to be a photographer! So...go easy on me--we had so much fun!


This dress is fun! I always wear black.  I just like black.  I wear all black nearly daily. I have lots of black dresses. I am always funeral dress appropriate. I love this's mostly black...but has some vibrant colors too!

 I used Tulip One Step Dye!

It's easy to use and holds color really well!

Read Tie Dye Details on this post.


I started with this thrifted dress. I liked it and wore it several times...but...I bought it used and it had some bleach spots on the bottom edge when I got it...see them? No big deal now...I laid the dress on the back patio.

And armed myself with a spray bottle of bleach! It was diluted half and half with water. I sprayed strategically in a diagonal line down the dress.

I did a shirt too!

Complete with paint spots!


 Instantly the dress bleached! Turning a horrifying shade of coral!!! Then I turned the dress over and bleached the backside. It doesn't bleed through that

After about 15 minutes I rinsed and washed the bleach out of the dress.

But didn't dry it! Next I got out Navy Blue, Fuscia and Pink Tulip Tie Dye! Tulip one step dyes are perfect and so easy to use! Check out this tie dye post for more info

Look out bleached out the dress is! It was seriously scary!  I was sure I ruined it for good!

Just lay out plastic on your table...then a cooling rack. Then the damp clothing... Then I dropped and swirled dye all over the dress.

When I was done it looked like this! Super stellar vibrant! Remember dye will lighten when washed. Okay, especially if the material is not 100% cotton.  This dress was 95% cotton and 5% spandex. So I knew it would lighten quite a bit! I left it under the covered patio all night.

Then rinsed it in the sink until the water ran clear and then washed and dried it.

All dry! See how much lighter it looks? It's so cool...nebula and outer spiral arms!

And the shirt! Just like this they are amazing and wonderful! Totally a great way to upcycle any bleached or painted clothes!

But let's go a step further with paint!

 I used lots of acrylic paint and fabric medium. Fabric Medium is mix it in with any paint and it keeps it  soft on the fabric instead of getting all stiff and cracky.
Start by sticking some cardboard (like a flat rate box from USPS) inside the shirt or dress.  This way the paint wont bleed onto the back. I also cut various sizes of circles out of vinyl. Saved the circles for later and used the outlines as a stencil.

Just peel and stick them right to the fabric...

Then I used paint and a stencil stipple brush to dab on paint.

In different shades to keep them ombre and planetary looking!

Until you have an entire solar system painted on! I love it!

I used some metallic gold and drew on a few little stars here and there!

Ta Da!


It's still mostly black but with some interstellar flare!

I didn't bother doing any planets on the backside...

Because my hair nearly covers all of it!

Awesome right!??? It just needs a little TARDIS painted on there somewhere!

I love how it turned out! It makes me want to turn all my black clothes into galaxies! (wouldn't that be weird?...the girl who only wears galaxy clothes!) So what do you think? Will you try making a galaxy???


 I love my astronaut space shoes too!

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  1. Ok, I like this one a lot. I end up with a bunch of black skirts, but I wear them out before I can do something with it. :)

  2. I love the dress, really gorgeous i might copy that idea on a black dress make it less boring :)

  3. I love this idea!! Your dress looks amazing!


  5. Oooh! I absolutely must try this! =)

  6. I'm going to do this to a pair of workout leggings! They got some bleach splattered on them. Perhaps a tiny Tardis will appear as well!

  7. I am new to your blog and think this idea is wonderful! I love how you call yourself "play at home mom." Its the perfect title.

  8. This is really awesome, you could be a model and your daughter is pretty good with the camera. I want to do this so bad on a bunch of stuff. Like picture frames and shirts and walls even. Thank you for the awesome tutorial. You rock.

  9. Hmm. Maybe a T.A.R.D.I.S. pin? Then sometimes you can Doctor it up a bit, and sometimes you can leave it be?

  10. Just a quick tip. I dye clothes a lot. It's a Hobby of mine but you can do this with most anything. Once you dye something let the color set a bit then soak it in vinegar for a while then wash it and the color wont wash out. I use it for everything that i don't want to fade from horse halters to hand bags.

  11. Thanks! We have both several galaxy hoodies and things off Amazon, but they are so expensive! My daughter is space, galaxy and nebula obsessed! This tutorial will helpnus make awesome space tees and dresses!

  12. Natalie, both you as the model, your photographer and the dress and shirt are AMAZING! LOVE the whole package and will need to try this with a shirt at some stage.


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