Watercolor Ink Galaxy Calligraphy Art!

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 Watercolor Ink Galaxy Calligraphy Art!
Here's a video of the entire process...takes about 10 minutes of painting and an hour or so of drying.

 This is such a fun technique...and highly addictive too!
Here's what you will need:
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 Dr. Ph. Martin's Watercolor Inks

140 lb. cold pressed Watercolor Paper

Water brush

old Toothbrush
painters tape.

Let's talk about these inks.
They are awesome.  I paid full price for mine...and would do it again today if I ran out!
They are like watercolors...but they don't loose pigment when they dry.
Which means, incredibly vibrant colors!
I've used them as ink for Calligraphy pens and brush lettering as well and they are awesome!
And there is a lot of pigmented ink in each bottle so they will last you forever!
Tape a piece of paper to your work table.
I am loving this acrylic desk my husband made me!
Paint with a flat brush a big round wet circle.
Plenty wet for the colors to bleed and blend.
Use the Watercolor ink bottles to drop a drop here and there in the wet circle.
Add more colors!
It's so fun to watch the colors swirl and combine.
There will likely be some puddling as the paper warps.
The tape helps some.
You can dab out some of the puddling water with a cloth or papertowel,
just use caution or it can spread the ink everywhere!
Now, while it's still wet, go in with black drops and the waterbrush and
paint in the black to cover mostly all of it except some colorful nebula's!
Look at the stunning effects!
It's like the real Aurora Borealis in your own house!
Now, let that dry completely.
Next use the old toothbrush and the White Watercolor ink.
Put a few drops of white on the toothbrush and then point the brush
 upside down above the paper and scratch the bristles with your finger. 
This will add in all the shiny white stars!
Let it dry completely again.
Then take the white (in a palette) and your waterbrush and
write your favorite quote right on the galaxy!

It's so much fun and looks amazing!
You will love this technique!
Maybe you have a budding artist in the home...maybe it's you!
Try this and email me the pictures!
I'd love to showcase your work!

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Rachel said…
i seriously love you for providing a tutorial for the van gogh quote. thank you so much!