Star Wars Inspired Galaxy Tote DIY

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Star Wars Inspired Galaxy Tote DIY
Galaxies and the stars in the night sky are so dreamy!  I love to see, with my tiny mortal eyes, the expanse of the universe.  So the next best thing to the actual universe is painting them!
Gather supplies:
Black Tote Bag
Fabric Creations Ink in Pink, Purple, Teal, Blue, Gold and Silver.
Stencil Paintbrush
Cardboard to slide into the tote
Slide the cardboard into the tote bag.  Pour out some paint in a palette.
Begin using the stencil brush and dab paint across the bag in a diagonal line.
Add each and every color in spurts...
Then use some white paint and splatter it over the bag like stars.
Let it dry completely and most likely it will fade.  Just repeat the process and add more paint right on top.  Splatter white paint again for that smattering of distant stars.
Let dry and remove the cardboard.  Now you have the best bag in all of time and space!
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