Galaxy Pendants!

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Galaxy Pendants!
These are so cool and fun to make! 
Such a statement piece that says
"The universe revolves around me!"
You will need:

Pendant with a glass bezel or a pendant blank
I had some in my craft stash, but here's a good choice:

Ball Chains
(These were sent to me at no cost in exchange for this post)

And nail polish!
You will need black and a variety of bright colors and glitters
This is a great way to use up that last little bit in the nail polish bottle.
Begin by painting the pendant black.
This is the surface that the bezel will sit on.
The bezel is rounded.  Paint on the flat surface.
It's like doing a reverse canvas.
The thing you want to stand out the most, goes on first and then layer backwards to black.
I painted on some dots and stars in white.
Then added some pink glitter in a diagonal line.
Then added some chunky glitter.
Then added pink and coral with some mixing and swirling.
Added some blue in random places.
Keep it one layer so it is pretty transparent.
Then paint the entire backing black.
Let it dry completely.
Then use some E6000 or just a little more nail polish and glue it onto the pendant.
Then next one I made, didn't have a bezel,
so I started with the black.
Then added all the sparkles and colors.
Until I was satisfied with my galactic masterpiece!
Then I covered it with Glossy Accents.

This gives it a clear, thick plastic coating that looks like an acrylic pendant!
It is so wonderful!
Let it dry completely and it's awesome!
I love the swirly, sparkly look!
They are a great statement piece!
I love it!
They would look great with a little TARDIS painted on them!
Galaxy Necklaces!

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