How to Marble Ornaments with Easy Marble

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How to Marble Ornaments with Easy Marble!

Deck the halls with this fun DIY project of marbling ornaments! Update plain plastic ornaments with Easy Marble in just a few minutes. This fun craft will have you looking around the house thinking of what else you can marble.

EasyMarble is so fun and easy to work with! Buy some here.

Marbling can be done on various surfaces...wood, paper, plastic and more. I love marbling and this is a great craft for all skill levels. I taught a beginner class of marbling at Pinner's conference a couple years ago and loved it. 

Supplies Needed for Marbling Ornaments:

Easy Marble in various colors (these paints are formulated to not blend together, so the color you pour is the color you you'll want a bunch of colors)
Plastic Ornaments
Plastic Cup of Water

Step 1: Marbling Set Up

Begin by setting up the supplies. Shake up all the Easy Marble and open up the bottles. Fill the cup almost full of water, some displacement will happen, so don't fill too high. Hang a string for drying ornaments or have a plate ready to set them on.

Step 2: Add Easy Marble

Now add one drop at a time in the cup of water. The Easy Marble will spread to fill the surface of the water.

Then add a drop or two of the next color. Just one drop is needed, but sometimes another one sneaks out.

Then add another color in the center, creating a bullseye pattern.

Continue alternating Easy Marble colors until satisfied. About 5-10 drops.

Step 3: Swirl the Easy Marble

Now use the toothpick to swirl the Easy Marble around. The Easy Marble will start to dry pretty quickly, so there is a limited amount of time that the marbling is workable.

Once satisfied, it's time to dip!

Step 4: Dip the Ornament

Now hold the hanging part of the plastic ornament, also wear gloves or destroy your manicure! 

Dip the ornament into the cup and hold it under water. Then use a toothpick to remove any excess Easy Marble that may still be floating on the surface of the water...otherwise it will stick on top of the marbling as you lift the ornament out of the water.

Then remove the ornament and gaze with wonder of the finish! I love how it looks! Hold the ornament for a few minutes and it will dry pretty quick, or hang it up to dry. Then just set it on the plate and dip another ornament.

Then you'll want to look around your house and find all sorts of other things to marble!

This is a great way to upcycle ornaments or to make them match your Christmas decorations. 

I think they look fabulous on my white and blue Christmas tree! I love the unique look of the swirls of color. I used teal, black, white and gold Easy Marble.

That's it!

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Wunntu said…
Thanks for the tutorial. Love the end result. But I now have a problem... I want all things marbled & I want to marble all things! I may need a support group to stop marbling!