Hey Copper Marbled Reclaimed Wood Porch Sign DIY

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Hey Copper Marbled Reclaimed Wood Porch Sign DIY

Hey!  Hey!  Hey!
I love a great sign outside the house.  It is welcoming and fun...what would yours say?
This is made of reclaimed fence boards and 12 inch letters.  All you need is paint and some Easy Marble to make them special.
Begin by painting the letters one solid color.  I picked Coastal paint from Plaid Crafts, it's got a graininess to it, like painting with sand.  I love the color and the way it looks.
Let the paint dry and then marble the letters.  You will need a disposable foil baking pan. You will also need Easy Marble.

Fill the pan half way with water.
Open all the bottles of Easy Marble.  Then drop one or two drops in the water, then drop the next color right in the center.  Continue until all the colors are dropped in the water.  Work quickly because it dries quickly.  Use a pin or toothpick to add lines, swirls and designs in the marbling.
Place the letters right in the pan and pull it out to reveal the cool marbling effects.
Let them dry completely.  Then use some painters tape and outline the letters with tape.
Use some copper craft paint and fill the inside inch with the metallic paint.  Repeat for each letter.  Let them dry completely.
Send your teenage son out to the garage to make a plank with old wooden fence slats.  Haha, easy right!?  Okay, so a single piece of wood would work--or an old pallet.  I acquired some old fence slats and my son just lined up 5 of them and screwed a board across the backside to hold them together.  Then glue the letters right on the board with liquid nails.  Let dry and then set outside for all to see!
Fun way to greet the neighbors!
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