How to Make Marbled Stationery

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 How to Make Marbled Stationery!
My mom was such a fun crafter.  I was 11 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and much of my life was caring for her while she underwent treatments.  After the horror of chemotherapy and radiation, she was declared to be in remission.  There were some fun crafting days in there.  She taught me calligraphy, boondoggle, painting rocks and much more. When I was 15 the cancer returned...this time much worse.  She managed 2 more horrible years of slowly having the cancer consume her.  It was hard as teenager to watch this.  She died a week before my 17th birthday.
Brutal.  Life can be hard...but there is sweetness too!
So, now that I am a mother and much more into crafting than I was before, I am remembering all these fun things my mom did.  I remember her marbling paper.  I was tall enough to watch at the edge of the table.  I knew that if I held still, I would be permitted to stay and watch.  I watched intently as my mom crafted.  She is my inspiration.  I loved doing this project and felt like it brought me closer to my mom as I swirled the paint in the tray.  Sweet, right?
Have you tried marbling before?  It's fun, easy and totally worth trying!
 You will need:
Easy Marble
Smooth cards and envelopes
Shallow disposable basin that fits the size of the card
Straight Pin or Toothpick
Acetone and cotton pads for clean-up
Paper towels
 I recommend getting the Easy Marble starter kit and some additional colors too!  I love the pieces with the most colors...I wish I got the gold and silver too!  For your information, the paint colors do not blend together, so if you want the color--you have to add it.  I wasn't sure about the white, but even on white paper it is essential for some "empty" space.  The full rainbow of colors is perfection when marbled.  Even after doing all 25 cards and envelopes, I still had 3/4th's the paint left.  Good thing too, it's so addicting!  I want to marble all the things.
 Fill your small basin with cold water, about 1/4" from the top.  Then begin by removing all the lids from each paint.  The paint sets up quickly, so once you start dropping paint, you need to move quick.
 Begin by dropping a drop or two in the water.  It will spread across the surface.  Then add a drop or two of the next desired color.  Add as much as you like.
 Next, use the pin or toothpick to create patterns and swirls of color.  The first color you put in the water will set up first, so don't mess with the outside color too much.
 Push the colors in and out, swirl around until it looks amazing--but not too long or it will set and then clump and pull out with the pin.
 Now take the paper card and press into the water.  The paint will adhere instantly.  Use the pin to remove any unused paint in the water and then pull out the card.  Set aside to dry.  Wipe pin or toothpick off with paper towel before starting the next one.
 Because it is so much fun--your desk will end up covered!  Have a good place for the cards to sit as they dry.  Clean up afterwards with acetone and cotton pad.  Cleans easily off fingers and nails too.
**Note: this will ruin a gel manicure.  :(  Sad, but totally worth it.
 After drying, I pressed them flat under a heavy book overnight.  They dried perfectly without rippling.  Each piece is a marbled masterpiece!
 You can leave them as is, gorgeous and ready to send!  Or add a personal touch with some hand lettering.
Thick lines on the downstrokes and thin lines on the upstrokes.
Check out these calligraphy links for more instructions. 
These cards would be the perfect pick-me-up for someone you know that's struggling!
I know during our hardships every card made a difference.
 Each piece is so unique!  I love studying them up close and seeing all the simple and wonderful details.  Don't you love the black and white?  Perfection!
  A stack of these Marbled cards are a great gift tied up with some baker's twine.  I love giving cards as gifts...perfect for any occasion.
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(and yes, I spelled stationery wrong below!)

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