Marbled Easter Eggs DIY

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Marbled Easter Eggs DIY
Marbling is my favorite past time--it is so fun and addictive.  Have you marbled anything yet?
I love marbling.  It is very simple and easy to do.  It will make you start to look around to see what you can dip in the marbling.  I have lots of fun ideas at the end of the post--so stay tuned!
I don't do a lot of holiday decorations...or even painting eggs, but these are so fun and make the perfect Easter decoration.

You will need:

Wooden or Plastic Craft Eggs

Easy Marble

White Paint
Plastic Cup
Pin or Toothpick
Drying rack

Here's a quick video with all the details:

Get your eggs, Easy Marble and a surface to work on.
My eggs were closeouts from after last Easter, so I got these for 75 cents.  They are similar in composition to ping pong balls.

Get a plastic cup of water.  Fill the cup high, but not too high, so when you dunk it in the water won't overflow.
Drop one drop of each color, one after another right in the center of the cup. (Video shows this process better).
Then use the pin to add swirls and patterns.  The colors will not blend...but they dry out fast, so you must work quickly or it will pull all the marbling out with the pin.

Hold the egg gently and barely with the tips of your fingers.
Dunk it in the water completely and then pull it out.
It won't have marbling where your fingers held on.
Simply dip the eggs in some copper or gold paint to cover the finger holds.  Place on the drying rack and let them dry completely.  Place in an Easter basket and enjoy!
I love the swirls and dancing colors.
So much fun to dip and make--they all turn out quite unique and different!
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Anonymous said…
Wow these are nice. I think I'll give it a try, I'll mess it up I'm sure.