25 Amazing Lego Crafts DIY's Roundup!

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25 Amazing Lego Crafts DIY's Roundup! We are big fans of Lego and love it for building, creating, imagination play and crafting. That's right, craft with your lego pieces! Here's 25 awesome ideas.

25 Amazing Lego Crafts DIY's!

I absolutely love Lego!  We are a house filled with Lego. When my husband and I were first married, we wouldn't go on date nights. 

We bought our food from the grocery store and spent our money on Lego sets at the toy store. 

We'd stay up late putting our giant Millennium Falcon together--or building the Star Wars Episode 1: Pod Racer sets.

We used the Lego sets as our home decor and decorated our shelves and tables with them. It's true today too. We have Lego pieces everywhere. Thankfully everywhere, except the floor. We all love building, creating and imagination play with Lego.

Apart from Lego sets, we love Lego inspired crafting!  Check out these 25 amazing crafts and DIY's featuring those loveable plastic building blocks.

Every home needs some Lego. This Classic box is a great start for imaginative play.

Lego Classic Box

Unikitty Inspired Printables

Unikitty Lego set inspired Valentine calligraphy love letter printables.

Powerpuff Girls Lego Inspired Shirt

Powerpuff girls Lego sets with sugar, spice and everything nice shirt diy

Lego Movie 2 Sets

Lego Movie 2 Lego sets

Lego Star Shirt DIY

Star Bomb shirt with layered iron on vinyl with Cricut Maker inspired by Lego Movie 2.

Lego Unicorn DIY

Build the most epic Lego Unicorn with a rainbow colored mane, gold tiara and horn, rainbow colored waterfall tail and star cutie mark on the flank!  

  School Supply Caddy

How to build a Lego crayon caddy to organize the desk for coloring.

Lego Party

Lego party with cake stands, party favors, balloons, and awesome Lego sets

Lego Inspired Mug

How to make a lego minifigure face on a ceramic mug.

Lego Lollipop Cupcakes

Lego lollipops on cupcakes, perfect for a lego themed birthday party

Awesome Lego Sets

Awesome Lego sets, perfect for a lego birthday party

Lego Cupcake Stands

Make darling cupcake stands for a birthday party with bright colors, fun pieces and minifigures

Lego Minifigure Tote

Lego minifigure layered iron on vinyl tote bag with Cricut Maker and EasyPress 2.

Lego Party Favor Cups

Lego party favors for an epic Lego birthday party take home gifts

Lego BFF Necklace

Lego best friends forever necklace, perfect for your bff. Handmade gift using Lego Pieces.

Check out this post for a fun story about my early married life and Lego. Lego Desert Skiff set.

Star Wars Lego Desert skiff with sarlac

Make an Eye Spy Book

Make an eye I spy book with Lego pieces

Interchangable Minifig Hair clip!

Make an interchangeable Lego minifigure hairclip, geek chic accessories.

Lego Fidget Spinner DIY

How to make a Lego fidget spinner

Fun Lego Earrings!

Lego earrings diy

Lego Man Crayons

Use a lego mold to make lego man crayons

Lego Head Shirt

Lego minifigure head t shirt diy

Doctor Who Custom Lego

Doctor who in lego minifigures

Everything is Awesome Wreath

Lego inspired Everything is Awesome burlap wreath.

Lego Movie Craft Meme

Lego movie, Emmet, everything is awesome.

Ski Trip Tips

Lego friends alpine set

Lego Ornaments

10 awesome Lego Ornaments to build to hang on the Christmas tree or decorate for the holidays

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