Powerpuff Girls Inspired Shirt Cricut DIY with Lego

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 Powerpuff Girls Inspired Shirt Cricut DIY with Lego

My birthday is in 2 days...so I've been reminiscing lately.  When I was a senior in High School a new cartoon came out and I loved it!  Powerpuff Girls was my after school show and Bubbles became my spirit animal.  Haha.  In third grade or so, I developed a cute little voice that charmed everyone that heard me.  So by the time that Powerpuff Girls was on the air, lots of people in high school told me I sounded like Bubbles.  My kids love my cute voice too!  Lucky for me, Lego has come out with a couple Powerpuff Girls sets.

Supplies Needed:

Silver Iron on Vinyl
Cricut Maker
Cricut Brightpad
Cricut Weeding Tools
EasyPress 2 (large)
EasyPress Mat
Protective Cover Sheet

 I did a simple design inspired by Powerpuff Girls and uploaded it into Cricut Design Space.

I separated this into different colors and cut 6 different color layers of iron on vinyl.
 Use the Cricut BrightPad to weed the excess vinyl from the images.
 Place the white vinyl on the shirt, on the EasyPress Mat.
 Press the iron-on for about 15 seconds.
 Let it cool slightly and peel off the carrier sheet.  Then place the next images on the shirt. Cover with the protective sheet and press for 15 seconds.
 Repeat for the next layer...
 Then another layer...
 And finally the last layer.
 Then cover with the protective sheet and press for 30 seconds.  Turn the shirt over and press for 15 seconds.
 And, if you are into Powerpuff Girls or the current revival of Powerpuff Girls, you will love these Lego sets. 

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