Lego Heart Best Friends BFF Necklace DIY

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Lego Heart Best Friends Necklace DIY!

I love Lego everything.  I'm not getting paid to say that either.  We grew up getting little Lego sets for Christmas.  

When I first met my husband, his family asked him what he wanted for Christmas, he told them "Lego and food".  Ultimately that's still the answer every year.  Our date nights as newlyweds were spent buying Lego sets and putting them together...and then using them as home decor.  

Now our kids love Lego too.  They are long lasting and perfect for creativity, dexterity, direction following and fun play.

I love the minifigures the most.  I love making little people that look like my family.  This is a fun and creative game for small kids too, to try to make their family out of the Lego minifigure pieces, just mix and match for the perfect family picture.
This one is Fun at the Beach

I love sets that boost your minifigure population, and this one is perfection.
15 minifigures plus: kayak, dog, sail board, sandcastle, dolphin, and ice cream!  There's a lot to love about this set, but I think I am the most excited about the palm trees!

So, I wasn't the first to come up with this little Lego heart, even Lego uses it on their website,  But I like to think that my daughter came up with it as she played with Lego pieces as a girl...and not after seeing something online.

This is an incredibly simple craft that takes no time or skill at all...but it's great for solidifying a friendship or relationship with bff necklaces.


Supplies Needed for Lego Heart Necklace

Two: Coupling Plate 2x2
( has a Pick-a-Brick section where you can just buy the pieces you need, these coupling pieces are just cents!)
Two Ball Chains

These coupling plates are awesome and come with a big hole in them.  They are perfection and need no additional work.  Don't you love a craft like that?

Just string the ball chain through the Lego pieces and they are ready to wear!
Give one to your best friend and keep one for you...great for kids and tweens!  By the same token, use a shorter ball chain for making a keychain--great for dads!

This would make a fun handmade Christmas gift too!
Combine it with some other fun Lego inspired gifts for a truly unique Lego enthusiast!

All things considered, this is a fun and simple craft.  Who would you split your BFF necklace with?

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