14 Harmless Food Pranks for April Fools Day!

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14 Harmless Food Pranks for April Fools Day!

April Fool's Day is a fun day at our house!  It's the day my beautiful baby girl was born...little did I know that she would be filled with humor and make it her life's mission to bring laughter and joy to everyone!  So we love April Fool's day.

We fill it with fun and creative food and not reckless and cruel pranks.  So here are 14 harmless food pranks that can add fun to your April 1st.

Not sure what April Fool's day will look like this year, but we'll be doing fun things to celebrate my daughter's 16th birthday with some clever food pranks.

Which one do you like best?

Hot Dog Prank (this also doubles as a Vegan Dog)

Cupcake Surprise!
(These legit surprised my husband and even 8 years later everyone still talks of them)

Alien Truffles

Edible Googly Eyes

Spider Muffins

Succulent Terrarium Cupcakes

Ostrich Egg Breakfast

Eyeball Trifle

Egg Waffles and Pancake Balls

Squid Ink Pasta with Eyeball Meatballs

Gummy Popsicles

Hot Dog Spaghetti

Green Eggs

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Which will you be making for April Fool's day?

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