5 Cricut Papercrafts to Make at Home

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5 Cricut Papercrafts to Make at Home

Stay home and craft! Today I am sharing five Cricut papercrafts that can be made at home. Chances are you already have the supplies needed to make these crafts. Shop your house and see what you can use to create instead of rushing to the store. Let's get creative!

I don't know what your life is like right now, but things are definitely different. Well, for me, they are mostly the same. I work from home, homeschool my 3 kids and my husband is retired...so it's all 5 of us everyday. I'm not feeling any different with schools closed. I am starting to feel eager to interact with friends and neighbors again...it's hard to distance for this long. What is your life like now?

Do you have a Cricut machine? If you don't, now is the perfect time to order one. Free Shipping until the end of March, use the code: MARSHIP. Then you can craft from home with just paper needed! Check out the Cricut Joy today!

Here's 5 papercrafts you can make with your Cricut machine!

I'm assuming you have a Cricut machine and paper. If you don't have colorful paper or cardstock, look around at what you can use. Junk mail, book pages, magazines, etc. Get creative using the supplies you have at home.

Plus, if I could give you some advice, I'd say get crafting on Christmas gifts...it gets so crazy during the holidays and you'll be so glad if you get ahead now.

All this needs is the Cricut Joy, some colored paper and hot glue/gun...plus some plastic eggs--if you don't have eggs, find some rocks. If you don't have colored paper, use old magazines or book pages...or color some white paper with markers.

If you have the Cricut Joy, you'll know how wonderful and simple it is to make cards with the Card Making mat. These fun insert cards are made quickly and can be sent to friends during this isolation time. Happy mail brings joy!

Make a fun craft for the kids...a coloring picture with crayon holder. Just search "Double Crayon Holder" and then search for a fun drawing to include with the crayon holder.

This fun pop up card is great for Mother's day or any day to celebrate mom. Just needs paper!

This one is geared for Valentine's day...but pick some Spring colors for a fun alternative. Paper flowers are so much fun! Use old book pages, magazines or color some white copy paper with markers for the perfect colored paper.

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