Character Notebooks Made with Cinch Binding Tool

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Character Notebooks Made with Cinch Binding Tool

This week I am sharing all kinds of notebooks and journals. This character notebook is made with the Cinch binding machine. It's perfect for budding artists and can be made any desired size.

Do you know a little person that comes up with characters in their heads? Maybe you are writing a book and need to keep your characters straight. This character notebook is just the thing.

When my son was little he used to draw a set of standard characters that he came up with. He draws this cute little kitty called "bubble cat" and a puppy named "mr. Scruffles". I gave him this book so he could draw them and capture that moment forever.

Print off the character sheets, they simply have a place for the characters name, a place to draw the character and then notes about them. Like, Mr. Scruffles likes to play.

Supplies Needed for Character Notebooks:

Paper (about 25 sheets per notebook)

Read the directions on the front of the Cinch tool, it explains what size of paper to use and which knobs to pull. Place the paper under the hole punch of the Cinch and press down on the handle.

Pull out the knob listed on the instructions, then slide the paper down and press again.

Repeat this process for all the paper, as well as the chipboard covers.

The wire slips on the side of the Cinch, the paper can be slipped on the wires as you punch the holes.

Finish it off by punch the holes in the chipboard and placing it on top of the paper on the wires.

Then place the back cover on the top of the other chipboard. My cover and backcover are identical. I would recommend doing it this way so it doesn't matter much which way you put the covers on. Then the covers can be decorated after putting the notebook together.

Take the wire off the side and then place it under the press on the back of the machine. Press down with the handle to squeeze the wires closed together. Continue down the wire until the whole thing is pressed.

Now you can make all the character notebooks your heart desires. These would be great for an Art Summer camp too!

Keep the characters in your book straight with this character dictionary. 

I love thrift store shopping and have found so many amazing deals! In fact, I was at Savers, in the checkout line and something across the cashier's register caught my eye. It was this Cinch Binding Tool! It was just $15 and too good of a deal to pass up! I purchased immediately and have been making notebooks ever since!

I use high quality, thick laser biggest pet peeve is classy notebooks with cheap paper. So these notebooks have 32 lb. laser paper. They are smooth and substantial.

That's it!

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Here's the character printable, right click to save off:

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