Alien Monster Cookie Dough Bites!

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 Alien Monster Cookie Dough Bites!
These little silly faces are a fun for a little Halloween treat!
 These are fun for littles to help decorate!
My kids are I have a teenager, a tween and my baby is 8!
How did that happen?????
Anyway, regardless of age, your kids, significant other and you will all want to
get in on decorating these adorable and terrifying faces!
You will need some sprinkles, candy eyeballs and candy melts.
 First make cookie dough bites:

1/2 cup (one cube) of butter
3/4 cup of brown sugar
1 1/4 cup flour
2 tablespoons of vanilla
1 cup chocolate mini chips

Mix the butter, sugar, flour, vanilla
then add in the chocolate and stir in.
 Melt the dipping wafers in a glass dish.
Then roll the bites in the chocolate coating and place on your baking sheet.
 Decorate immediately.
The chocolate coating dries fast!
 Add sprinkles and whatever fun you have!
I let my kids each take turns decorating a few.
They really are so much fun!
 Admire those sloppy silly faces!
The beauty of these treats is you don't have to have perfection!
Let them sit in oozy pools of their own slime!
Let them have goopy goobers in their eyes!
It's worth it and they taste the same!
Extra eyes, only one!  It is so much fun!
(I have an extreme addiction to exclamation points!)
 Great for a silly school treat or a dessert for a Halloween party!
 Tastes great and looks funny!
You'll get lots of compliments on this dessert tray!

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