Fool's Food! Egg Waffles and Waffle Balls!

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6:00 AM
Egg Waffles and Waffle Balls!
I am all about Tasty April Fool's day pranks!
The harmless and yummy kind!

This one is just silly...because the eggs are shaped like
waffles and the waffles are shaped like eggs!
Kids (and husbands) love that stuff!

Make some pancakes in a cake pop maker like this.

(my daughter got this for Christmas (zulily) and we love it!  Perfect for pancakes!)
 Then scramble up some eggs and use your waffle maker!

 Mine was equivalent to 4 eggs to fill 1 waffle.
Fill to the top of the squares and close the lid.

 It will puff up and look just like a waffle!

 Serve with syrup and a little powdered sugar!
Super fun...totally harmless April Fool's Day breakfast!

Or try these...

April Fool's Day Cupcakes

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Anonymous said…
That is very cool! Love it!