Gummy Soda Pops!

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6:00 AM
 Gummy Soda Pops!
 My husband would be so appalled by these!
(he doesn't like anything gummy or lemon-lime soda!)
Haha...they are weird but fun.
You'll just need some Lemon Lime Soda...
Some gummies...
and popsicle molds!
 Fill up the molds with some gummies...
 The more bright colors the better!
 Fill the molds with soda.
This is crazy...they will FIZZ forever!
 Put the lids on and freeze!
 They almost glow they are so colorful!
The fizziness from the soda soaks into the gummies.
It's quite interesting!
However, not the favorite frozen treat of the family...
Come back everyday this week for a new frozen treat idea!

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