10 Cricut Products Holiday Gift Guide for Beginning Crafters!

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10 Cricut Products Holiday Gift Guide for Beginning Crafters!

All I want for Christmas is...craft supplies! I mean, that's what I want every year. This gift guide is curated Cricut products geared for the beginning crafter. This is a great way to get started, even launch a small side business, and just have the tools needed for amazing handmade crafting. I am a Cricut Blogger, affiliate links are included...but honestly, I love Cricut. I use my machine every day. I use my Cricut machine to make gifts, make money as a side hustle and will keep using it forever. Here's my top ten Cricut Products for the Beginning Crafter:

1: Cricut Explore Air 2

You are only as good as your craft supplies. This machine automatically makes you a pro. I mean it, it is totally worth it. It's a big investment, but there are so many benefits and ways to make money with it too! 

If you love sewing, 3D design and are more advanced, check out the Cricut Maker. The Cricut Explore Air is great for a beginning crafter and has so many amazing capabilities!

Plus make these leather rose earrings with the Cricut Explore Air 2! These are so fun and make a statement, perfect handmade gift too!
Plus, if you need some encouragement, here's 5 ways to make money with the Cricut Explore Air 2:

2: EasyPress 2 Large

The large EasyPress 2 is my favorite and I use it the most. It's great for large projects like t-shirts and tote bags...but can also be used for smaller things like kids clothes. 

The perfect heat settings make it so it heats the iron-on evenly and makes the best use of your supplies. It takes up WAY LESS space than a heat press and is so easy to use.

Check out this fun bag made with the EasyPress 2 here.
Make a funny gift with a quirky saying--I need a hug! (I need a huge amount of money).

3: EasyPress Mini

The EasyPress mini is adorable, no question...but it's also super useful! I love having the Large EasyPress 2 for big, medium and small projects. I also love having the mini for tiny projects or touching up small parts on a big project. I use them hand in hand. 

Make a Glitter Star Hat with the new Cricut EasyPress Mini in just 5 minutes. Black and White Buffalo plaid wool ball cap with gold glitter heat transfer vinyl star. Great for doll clothes, sleeves, stuffed animals and more!

4: Iron On Vinyl

Hands down, Iron-on vinyl is my favorite! I love making shirts as handmade gifts for my extended family and so I am constantly using iron-on vinyl. It comes in so many patterns, textures and finishes. 

Everyday Iron-on is good for layering. Glitter and foil iron-on is perfect for bling. Patterned iron-on is great for big, bold designs. And guess what? Iron-on works on so many surfaces--not just fabric!

And add some Iron-on to your favorite steel water bottle too! But, use the EasyPress Mini to adhere it!
Make a great gift for a breast cancer fighter with Cricut iron on vinyl in glittery pink, the Cricut Maker and EasyPress 2 small.

5: Infusible Ink

Infusible ink is new and exciting! This process turns the ink into gas that bonds with the blank for a permanent and smooth finish. It's a little more of an intermediate level, so start with Iron-on vinyl then move to this!

How to use Cricut Infusible Ink Transfers on Tote Bag DIY, tropical flower pattern infusible ink transfer with word Sun Shine in calligraphy

6: Vinyl

Vinyl used to be the only benefit for getting a cutting machine. It's not the only reason now, but it is still a solid contender! The new patterns and finishes of vinyl are super fun too! Decorate things around the house and even the walls with vinyl.

7: Tool Set

Pretty much every vinyl (vinyl, iron-on, infusible ink...) will need the tool set, it's just the best! The trimmer is fantastic! The little scissors are so helpful. 

The scraper is great for more than crafting...but sometimes cleaning too! I love these tools. Some of the Cricut Explore Air 2 machines come with the basic tools...but the trimmer is super nice.

8: Brightpad

The Cricut Brightpad is a lifesaver for weeding vinyl and iron-on vinyl. It lights up like a tracing table (incidentally it's also good for tracing) and shows the cut lines so it's easy to pull off the excess vinyl. I don't always use the BrightPad, but when I do...I NEED it.

9: EasyPress Mat

The EasyPress Mat goes hand in hand with the EasyPress 2 or Mini. It's like the other half of the puzzle...it creates even heat distribution and is really important when using the EasyPress. Just get one and use it for all the things. It's worth it.

Check out these fun Periodic Table Geek shirts...made using the EasyPress 2 and of course, the mat.
Periodic Table of Elements Funny Science T-Shirts with Cricut Maker!

10: Cricut Access

Lastly, for the beginning Cricut Crafter, I highly recommend Cricut Access. Cricut Access gives you access to nearly all the designs on Cricut Design Space. 

All the ready to make projects that just need you to click "Make It!" It's easy to search for an image you want and select the design you like. If you are an advanced crafter, you might want to make your own SVG's and designs, but I love having access for quick projects even still. 

Plus, with Cricut Access, you'll get 10% off all your Cricut.com and Design Space purchases, which is really nice!

Cricut Access is so nice, especially for cute projects that need no design work on your end...like this tribal tote bag!
Tribal Tote Bag with Cricut Layered Iron-On Vinyl!

Okay, so let's recap the top ten list here:

2: EasyPress 2 Large
3: EasyPress Mini
4: Iron On Vinyl
5: Infusible Ink
6: Vinyl
7: Tool Set
8: BrightPad
9: EasyPress Mat
10: Cricut Access

Obviously, budget is a big part of the decision making process. Here's my priority list:
Cricut Explore Air 2, Cricut Access, Tool Set and Vinyl:

The machine comes with the grip mats, so you can already cut paper, freezer paper, cardstock, leather, suede, fused fabrics, etc. So you are ready to rock and roll. Maybe buy a few rolls of vinyl...make home decor signs, custom waterbottles, ornaments.

Maybe sell some projects and then get:

EasyPress 2 Large, EasyPress Mat, Iron-on Vinyl:

This will allow you to make shirts, totes, and customize all the fabric things, corkboards, hats, baby clothes, family reunion or vacation matching shirts, etc.

Maybe sell some more projects and then get:

EasyPress Mini, BrightPad, Infusible Ink:
Take your Cricut crafting from Beginner to Intermediate and make all the things!

This would make the perfect holiday gift! Rolls of vinyl and iron-on stuffed in the stockings with care...in hope that a Cricut Explore Air 2 would soon be there!