Ultimate Marvel Fan Gold Iron On Vinyl Shirt with Cricut Maker

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Ultimate Marvel Fan Gold Iron On Vinyl Shirt with Cricut Maker

     This is the perfect shirt for a Super Hero Marvel fan.  Are you excited about seeing Avengers: Endgame?  My daughter is the most excited, so I made her this shirt...it's the ultimate fan shirt.  If you have been around my blog long, you'll know I love making T-Shirts!  Shirt fashion is my absolute favorite DIY and it's a complete breeze to make a shirt in minutes.  T-shirts have become my go-to for a last minute gift.
     We are so excited for the Captain Marvel movie coming out soon on March 8th!  My daughter whipped up this cute rock while we had some chatty company over one day.  I love it.  It's easy to duplicate...red across the top, blue across the bottom with a gold ribbon and a gold star!  Make one today!
And, if you want to look the part at the movie, you could always make this fun Captain Marvel Star hoodie!
Or the Ultimate Marvel Fan shirt...let's get started on this!  Affiliate links included.

Supplies Needed:

Cricut Weeding Tools
EasyPress Mat
Protective Cover Sheet

    I typed out all my daughter's favorite characters and fit them in a block shape.  So actually, I asked her who her favorite Marvel character was...she could not answer...she had too many that she likes.  She likes those long haired bad boys, so Bucky Barnes (the Winter Soldier) and Loki are at the top of her list.  Haha.

Right click to save off it desired, personal use only.
    Upload in Cricut Design Space.  Mirror the image and cut the gold iron on vinyl.  Use the Cricut Brightpad to see the cuts while weeding out the excess vinyl.
If cut properly, the iron-on vinyl will peel off easily!  I love weeding iron on vinyl.  It's smooth and comes off so effortlessly.
I love the long list of names!  Can you place all of them?  Who is your favorite Marvel character?
Warm up the shirt with the EasyPress 2, large size.  Then place the iron-on vinyl on the shirt.
     Then use the EasyPress 2 to press the iron on vinyl according to the recommended settings.  I repeated for 3 sections of the shirt.  Turn the shirt over and press from the other side, about 15 seconds.
Let the vinyl cool and then remove the cover sheet--and that's it!  Now it's ready to wear or give as a gift!
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