Leather Rose Earrings--Made with Cricut Explore Air 2

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 Leather Rose Earrings--Made with Cricut Explore Air 2
I received a beautiful mint colored Cricut.
And loads of accessories and supplies to play with.
This machine is amazing...seriously amazing.
Read more about my first experience with it on this post
 When I set it up, I tried every technique.
Writing and drawing on paper, cutting paper, cutting vinyl, uploading my own images,
using stock images, using my own fonts, and several step processes.
The Cricut Explore Air 2 can cut so many different materials!
Paper - Standard, Cardstock, Vellum, Poster Board
Vinyl - Standard, Premium, Dry Erase, Chalkboard
Iron-On - Heat-Transfer Vinyl (HTV)
Craft Materials - Washi Tape, Craft Foam, Glitter Paper
Upcycled Materials - Chipboard, Cereal Boxes, Aluminum Cans
Fabric - Felt, Denim, Polyester, Burlap, Canvas
Plastic - Stencil, Window Acetate, Silicone
Thick Materials - Leather, Balsa Wood, Magnet Materials
So I decided to move on to a more difficult material: 2mm leather.
 I made a png file of roses in photoshop.
I reversed one of the roses.
You can make them too!  Right click to save off this rose file.
Then do what I do next!
 I uploaded my image in Cricut Design Space.
I saved as a Cut image.
 Then uploaded onto the canvas.
It's easy to adjust the size to exactly what you want.
 Then click the Green Cricut "go" button.
It will make sure your device is on.
Then set the depth wheel on the machine to "custom" material
Then select the material from the drop down menu in Cricut Design Studio.
 Place your leather on the cutting mat,
load it in and press the Cricut "go" button on the machine when it blinks.
Once it is cut, don't unload.  I used the regular cut blade, but there is a "deep cut"
blade that would cut through it in one pass.
You can gently peel up an edge to see it if it is cut all the way through.
If not, repeat the exact cuts by pressing the Cricut "go" button on the machine again.
I repeated 3 times for this project.
 Unload the mat.
Then remove the project.
Yes, this will make the mat a little grimy.
 Remove the roses, then use the hook tool and remove the inside pieces.
The backing of the leather is quite fluffy, so it gives it a hairy look.
(After the project, I used a little soap and warm water to remove the black grime--easy)
 Still cool though!
I'm super impressed how easy it was to get this amount of detail in leather!
 I used a couple pliers, jump rings and earring hooks...
 And just hooked the jump rings around the leather
 and then through the hook.
Close up the jump ring and repeat on the reverse for the other one.
 They are fun and impressive, but light enough to wear!
So amazing that this machine cut these to perfection!
 I am quickly becoming a Cricut Girl!
So excited to get to review and work with this wonderful machine!
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