Harry Potter Halloween Party!

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Harry Potter Halloween Party!
We had a fabulous party as a kick off to Halloween!
We celebrate all month long and love every excuse to party and dress up!
Last year I did a Harry Potter Party too...and it is so fun!
Check it out here
This year I decided to do a party on a much more grand scale.  I was inviting hundreds of people.
Okay, I think it is safe to say that 100 people came.
But I wanted to be ready for the masses...on a budget!
We held the party mostly outside under the stars and the patio...and the back room.
We had a fireplace and smores.
Lots of socializing and mingling!
At my house, I have an extra building, we like to call it the Room of Requirement,
since it is just whatever we need it to be.
We do lots of stretching and exercise, crafting, kids classes and sleepovers!
It's just a big square room.
We set up our brick backdrop from last year in the center of the back wall.
Then I used black taffeta from Oriental Trading to make curtains for
 the rest of the wall and the front of the tables.
This way we could store things under the table and no one would see them.
The taffeta is light weight and sort of stiff fabric.  It is great for curtains, table covers and more.
Much of what I used was from my Halloween Victorian Tablescape.
There are so many versatile items that can be used for numerous occasions.
I hung up tissue balls and gold lanterns!
Black Tissue Balls
Gold Lanterns

Vintage Frame Cutouts
Tea Lights
Halloween Skeleton Cat
Foam Candelabra centerpiece
Glass Apothecary Jar Set
Black Taffeta Tablecloth
Gumball Eyes
Black and White candy sticks
Black and White Swirl pops
Because we invited so many people, I couldn't do a goodie bag for each of them.
Instead we hung up our prize spinner wheel and wrote a prize on each section.
People who came to the party received one ticket for coming and an additional ticket for dressing up!
So they would have 2 turns spinning the wheel for a fun prize!
Our prizes included:
Mad Eye Moody Gumball, Squishy frogs, Wizard Wand, Chocolate frog, Fat Lady Necklace,
Felix Felicis Necklace, Dementors Kiss, Wizard Glasses and more!
True: not everyone got what they wanted...but thankfully there were parents with
 children there so they handled the disappointment, not me.
We decorated with cauldrons,
stuffed with extra black garbage bags, which came in very handy at the end of the party!
Potion bottles and gold frames decorated empty spaces!
Perfect for month long Halloween decorations too!
The decorations were all so fun and cool.
They are easy to store for next year too!
The Realistic Earthworm cupcakes were a hit!
Not a single one left over!
I had each invited family bring a finger food snack to share!
There was lots of food that just filled the tables!
It was a huge success!
This is a great way to handle a large crowd.
My kiddos dressed up as usual!
This guy tried to be Draco Malfoy, but I think he smiles too much!
This girl did a Luna costume again!
And this guy loves Ron Weasley.
We colored his hair with washable markers
and I sewed a wand pocket into his robe.
Coolest ever.
The gryffindor tie is an easy diy from last year found here!
We had our Umbridge Dart game set up as well as a cool broomstick.
(free printable found here)
And we played Bean Boozled again!
It was lots of fun.  I walked around to all the crowds of people chatting and making smore's and had them give it a go!  Lots of fun.  Even my youngest vomitted because of the spoiled milk jellybean.
Too much fun!

Here's some more fun we did for our party!

Fat Lady Necklace!

House Banners!

Earthworm Cupcakes!

Felix Felicis Necklace!

Here's a bunch more Harry Potter crafts!
We had a party last year too and did some things differently!



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