Homemade Vapor Rub with Essential Oils!

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Homemade Vapor Rub with Essential Oils!

I love a warm stimulating scented cream for soothing aches and pains of winter.
I super love using homemade salves that I know the ingredients and they are pure
and wonderful.
This vapor rub is wonderful!  It smells so good and is really calming! 
I recieved this fabulous gift box of oils in exchange for this post.
These are really terrific oils.
On arrival the box smelled very aromatic!
Although none of the oils had leaked or spilled.  They just smell great!
10 oils for less than $40 is amazing!
They are a great price on amazon

I think this is a great mix of oils.
My favorite hands down is Frankincense.  It is wonderful for everything.  It is my go-to oil.
I've never tried Patchouli or silver fir, looking forward to seeing the benefits for them.
I usually can not handle very many smells.
I am allergic to perfumes and stores that sell all the concoctions you can imagine.
But there is something very different with essential oils.
I can handle them.
I don't usually mix very many at a time...but the purity of the oils,
that is, no fillers or things like alcohol, make it so I have no problems.

 This combination for the vapor rub is heavenly.
For this vapor rub, I used
Peppermint, Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Frankincense
It smells just how you would think it would smell.
It's similar to store bought filled rubs, but cleaner.
I love the frankincense for the perfect amount of grounding.
It's also very good for mood and anger management, so it's
great applied to the chest for multiple reasons.
You will also need 1/4 cup of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of beeswax. 
Melt the beeswax and oil together.
You can use a double boiler, or just the microwave.
Microwave it for 30 seconds, remove and stir.
Repeat if necessary.
It only took about 90 seconds to melt them together perfectly.
Now add the oil.
10 drops of Eucalyptus
10 drops of Peppermint
10 drops of Rosemary
5 drops of Frankincense

The oils will not smell quite as strong after it sets.  I like my oils fairly strong.
I even tested this out on my mucus membranes (nostrils), to find
that it was not harsh and I absolutely love it...is that too gross to admit to?

Use caution when applying if you have sensitive skin or on children.
Soles of feet, covered with socks is a great way to use on children.
Stir together and pour into a small jar with lid.
Do not cap yet.  Set in the fridge for about 15 minutes for it to harden.
Then it is smooth and creamy and rubs on like a lip balm.
Apply to back of neck, chest, soles of feet, etc, for soothing relief and invigorating senses!
Great for Handmade gifts too! 
It's awesome!
I'm looking forward to soothing vapor rub on my neck and drinking
 some hot chocolate all winter long!

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