Friday, November 4, 2016

500 Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas!

Handmade Christmas Gifts!
I am a huge fan of handmade gifts.
Every year my children make gifts for each other.  It adds such a sweet
atmosphere in our home that our children are thinking of each
other during the holidays instead of just wondering what they will get.
These handmade gift ideas range in size, skill, age range and cost.
There are so many to choose from!
Here is 487 different handmade gift ideas.
You will love to see the joy of having a little bit of a handmade Christmas.
1. Beard & Mustache Oil
Crystal Shard Necklaces
Bonjour Tote Bag!
Giant Peonies!
MLP Inspired Necklaces!
MLP Floating Locket Charms
Shoe Wings!
Unicorn Headband
Family Finger Puppets!
10.  Love Husband Shirt

Lucky Charm Rainbow Necklace!

Yahtzee Dry Erase Score Cards

Bookshelf Makeover

Tea Set Jewelry!
Gold Leader Shirt
Hogwarts House Patches!

Catch and Keeper Shirts!

BB8 Shirt
Hello Sign
20.  Funny Armadillo Shirt!
Shabby Chic Hairbow

Teacup Planter

Flower Monogram

BB8 Tote Bag
BB8 Bow
BB8 Earrings
BB8 Planter
BB8 Shirt
SLC LDS Temple Necklace with Package!
30.  Droid Cut Outs!
Support the Troops Shirt
I'm so Fancy

Gold Horse
Princess Hair Bows
Pom Pom Bunting!
Tardis Tote
Mix up Shirt
Tardis Lollipops
Tardis Light Switch Plate
40.  Tardis Blue Sandstone Necklace!
Grass Planter
Resin Rose Earrings!
Flower Wreath Crown
Kubb Game
Foil Print
Be Awesome Planter
Patriotic Tote!
 Raglan Flag Tee
 50.  Magic Scratch-off Paper
Succulent Planter! Fake!
Ribbon Roses!
Necklace Holder
DIY Organizer!
Agate Coasters
Kanzashi Flower
Rainbow Makers
Log Planter
Tassel Bracelet
60.  Marbled Mugs
Wizard Wands
Portal Geek Shirts
Combustible Lemon
Portal Gun
Paper Crane Necklace
Hand Lettering on Wood Slice
 Teacup Fairy Garden
Autumn Leavens Lariat Necklace
Galaxy Pendants
70.  Turban Headband
Leather Bracers
Monster Pouches

DIY Home decor
Chalkboard Tray
Husband Shirt 2
Fat Lady Necklace
Felix Felicis Necklace
Vapor Rub
Donut Hairclip
Mermaid Crown
80.  Ornate Frame
Canvas Squares
Washi Tape Tins
Snow Storm Card
You Rock!
Naughty or Nice?

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