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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

LDS Temple Tassel Bracelet!

 LDS Temple Tassel Bracelet!
These tassels are fun to make even without the temple charm!
 You will need some embroidery floss.
I used aqua and gold.
 Wrap 1 yard of floss around your fingers
 and slide them off...
 Then hold and wrap the gold around the top section of the tassel.
Tie the ends in a knot.
 Like so.
 Then trim off the gold thread and cut the bottom loops of the tassel.

 Add a jump ring for easy charm placement!
 Hook on a chain, purse, zipper or wherever you'd like a tassel!
 We got the temple charms off of etsy and my daughter made a
 tassel for each of the Young Women Value colors.
Great craft for girls camp, activities or just for gifts!

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