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Friday, January 15, 2016

Natural Crystal Shard Necklaces!

 Natural Crystal Shard Necklaces!
 Here's an easy diy for a perfect girl craft night!
 You will need:
3 natural crystal shard beads
1 2" eyepin
27 inches of gold chain

I found some crystal beads online...
like these ones on Amazon

I love the different finishes!
Then pick 3 crystals that look great together.
(This is great for a group craft because you get so many pieces!)
String them on a eyepin
Then cut off about half of this remaining length...
then curl it around the jewelry pliers and place one end of the chain on it.
Sorry I don't have pics...it's not hard.
Open the other side of the eyepin and add the other side of the chain on.
Close them up!
Good to go!

I love how the natural crystals are all different shapes and shine!
And I totally love the rainbow one!

Great for gifts, party favors, fun to make for summer camp!

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