Faux Geode/Agate Slice DIY!

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 Make your own Agate Slices!
Faux Geode/Agate Slice DIY!
These are fantastic coasters, place settings or fabulous decor!
 These are made with polymer clay!
Awesome, right!?
 You will need a variety of polymer clay colors and a cheese grater.
The key is to use some transparent clay as well, it gives it a depth and a crystal effect.

If you put your clay in the freezer for about 10 minutes it will grate easier.
Grate some piles of clay.
I used transparent, silver, white and glow in the dark.
And about 3 shades of blue.
Take a little pile of a few different colors and roll into a ball.
Don't over mix.
Press it between 2 layers of parchment paper and roll it out with a rolling pin
as thin as you can make it.

Repeat and make lots of thin slices of clay.
If you have a pastry roller, that would be easier, but rolling pins work too!
Make a small ball that will be the center of the agate.
And varying shades and mixes of clay slabs.
Press some grated clay around the ball.
Keep it pretty chunky to give it the look of crystals.
Then wrap with colored strip, add more grated pieces,
and more colored strips.
Keep wrapping and press gently together.
Finally I added gold around the entire outside edge.
It's thick like a hockey puck.
Next, carefully use a slicer and cut the puck into slices.
I did a crappy job and cut many of them unevenly.
Then gently roll them out with your rolling pin so they are even in height and a natural shape.
Place on a baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes at 275 * or according to package directions.
After they are cooled off, they need a thick layer of Dimensional Magic!
It's clear and it dries hard and shiny!
It gives dimension to anything you put it on...it looks like a layer of glass!
Let it dry overnight and then they are ready to use!
Great for a place setting at the table, coasters, or decor!
I love the shiny, shimmer and the depth!
This is a fun DIY

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Unknown said…
Beautiful. Would make a very nice pendant on a necklace.
cherie said…
i tried this, didn't cut well, until i tried the old string method like they use to cut cinnamon rolls, remember that trick?
cherie said…
love the modge lodge topper, i sliced mine the old cinnamon roll way with a piece of thread. worked great
Unknown said…
Great idea about the thread. I'll try it.