Rapunzel Princess Inspired Hairbow!

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 Princess Inspired Hairbow!
 I absolutely love Rapunzel!
Tangled is one of my favorite Disney movies.
 We were so excited to meet her at Disney world in 2013.
She was so cute and animated!
 My daughter just turned 12.
She is very girly but is growing up.
So we made a bunch of shabby chic hairbows 
that are "Princess Inspired"
These are perfect for her!
 I love satin ribbon.  I use a lot of it, so I ordered a ton of colors and sizes from Papermart.
They don't compensate me at all...but I thought I'd share the best prices on ribbon.
I used 1 yard each of 3 sizes:
1.5 inch in orchid, 1 inch in light pink and 7/8 inch in orchid.
 You will also need:
Heavy thread
  As well as other embellishments.
My favorite are marabou boa puffs and plastic rhinestone buttons...available at any craft store.
You will also need 2 one inch pieces of 1/4" elastic and a felt circle.
 To make the bow,
loop the ribbon back and forth like this.
gather it up the center with your fingers and wrap with thick thread about 20 times.
Then tie it off.
For full pictured instructions of this step click here

 Then stack the bows and tack with hot glue. 
 Add the feather puff and tack with hot glue.
Top with the final bow and tack with hot glue.
Then wrap around the entire bow with thick thread a few times to keep it tight and sturdy.
Then hot glue the rhinestone button right on top!
Cut 4 small slits on the felt circle, hot glue in the elastic pieces.
Full tutorial on elastic back here
Hot glue the felt circle to the back of the bow.  Let cool.
 Now just slip on a headband or clip and wear in full princess style!
Great for fancy occasions or just for fun!  We love our subtle cosplay!!!

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