Ultimate Disney Fan "Dork" Shirt DIY with the Cricut Maker/EasyPress 2

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Yellow, mint and gold disney movie quotes arranged and pressed on a black and white shirt for a true Disney Dork.

Ultimate Disney Fan "Dork" Shirt DIY with the Cricut Maker and EasyPress 2

Do you know a Disney Dork?  Of course you do!  Haha, maybe even you are one.  This shirt is a fun way to celebrate all the fandoms of all the shows you love.  This fun shirt makes a great gift too.  What's your favorite Disney movie?  What's your favorite quotes?  I've been to Disneyland 3 times in my life...and Disney World once.  I was fortunate enough to take my kids to 4 days of Disney World back in 2013.  We did a day in each park, it was so much fun.  My husband was military, so we got great discounted tickets, but he couldn't get time off...so we went without him.  That said, I don't consider myself a Disney Dork...but I do love Disneyland when I get the chance to go!
Traveling to disneyworld theme park with 3 kids
 My kids were so small then.  They were amazing.  They kept up with me for 4 days straight!  We got up super early and ate breakfast so we could be at the gates at least a half hour before it opened.  And we stayed all day long--until they kicked us out at the end of the night.  My kids smiled through blisters on their feet (thankfully I packed moleskin)...and they were the BEST travelers.  I bought them all one thing during our trip.  My kids really as so cute and humble.
 And this picture basically sums up the trip.  We wore ourselves out completely!  Such good memories of that trip.
If I had planned better, I would have made some matching shirts.  Making shirts is my favorite craft of all times.  The Cricut Maker and the EasyPress 2 make it a breeze to make high quality/long lasting t-shirts.  Make some for your Summer trip!  This shirt was dreamed up by my darling niece...and I had so much fun making it with her!

Supplies Needed:

Cute Old Navy Shirt
Mint Everyday Iron-On
Yellow Everyday Iron-On
Foil Iron On
Cricut Maker
Cricut EasyPress 2
Cricut EasyPress Mat
Lay the shirt on the EasyPress mat.  The mat is essential when using the EasyPress 2.  It's basically the second half of the "heat press" system.  Upload or design the quotes and phrases you love in Cricut Design Space or right click to save off mine, personal use only.

Cut out the Disney Dork logo in gold, sized to fit the pocket.  Weed, warm the shirt then place the iron-on then press.
Press according to the EasyPress settings.
Cool and peel off the carrier sheet!  This shirt looks adorable just like this!  Go ahead and stop there...or continue by adding all the quotes and sayings you can think of.
Cut out one sheet of quotes in mint and the other in yellow.  Cut the phrases apart and arrange them on the shirt however you desire.  Press the iron on down in sections.  Don't press on the metallic foil without a cover...use a protective sheet or teflon.
Once the shirt cools down, remove the carrier sheets and the shirt is ready to wear!
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Make the ultimate disney fandom shirt with quotes from every animated movie in everyday iron-on vinyl cut with the Cricut maker and pressed with the EasyPress 2.

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