Gold Leaf Mini Canvas Abstract Art DIY

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Gold Leaf Mini Canvas Abstract Art DIY
Have you tried Gold Leaf before?  It is instant glam and adds such a great shimmer to any project.  When I was little I remember my mom had a high boy dresser with a mirror on top.  It was 100% gold leafed.  Yes, it was referred to as the "gold dresser".  Awesome, right?  Mini canvases are the way to start with gold just takes a little bit!
Products received from Plaid Crafts and Oriental Trading.
You will need:
Colorful acrylic craft paint
4 inch canvas
Gold Leaf and gilding glue

Begin by painting the mini canvases with touches of color.
I did one with warm colors: red, yellow and orange.
And one with cool colors: green and blue.  They are painted very quickly and not overdone.  Leave some brush strokes and even some white canvas showing.  Don't over think.
After the canvases dry, you will need your gold leaf gilding adhesive and gold leaf.
Paint some scattered glue on the surface of the canvas.  It is milky white when wet and drys clear.  Let the glue dry completely.  This will keep it tacky.
Then add pieces of gold, silver or variegated gold leaf to the adhesive.
Use a stiff paintbrush to remove the excess gold leaf.  It will only stick where the glue was put down.
Dust away the excess gold leaf, I typically take this outside because the gold leaf ends up getting everywhere.
Then coat with a layer of Mod Podge sealer and let dry!  Then hang them up and enjoy!
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