Funny Nose Wig Mustache T-shirt using Freezer Paper!

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 Funny Nose Wig Mustache T-shirt using Freezer Paper!
Anyone doing No Shave November?
We made a bunch of funny tee shirts for family members...every 6 months or so we have a funny t-shirt contest at our extended family parties.  Everyone designs funny shirts and I (or my brother) make some of them.  Nearer the beginning of the year we played a fun game called Snake Oil.  Have you played it?  It's similar in style to Apples to Apples, but you are basically a salesman and have to pitch an idea using 2 of your cards, based on the theme card picked by the merchant.

My husband was the merchant and the category was "dictator".  My daughter pitched the idea that every good dictator needs a "nose wig" (those were her 2 cards).  We all burst out laughing and she won the round.  My sister in law decided she wanted a shirt in that memory.
It's inexpensive to use freezer paper for stencils and the
  Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine cuts it with ease.
I just set the dial to paper.
Had it cut the mustache and words.
Then weed out the positive space.
Place the freezer paper on the shirt and iron down.
Then place the middles of the letters (in this case the O)
inside and iron again.
Just takes a few seconds to get a good seal.
Then use a sponge and some fabric paint and paint the mustache.
I used browns and gold.
Then used a paintbrush and white paint for the words.
Peel off the freezer paper and it's finished!
Perfect for anyone that loves a mustache!

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