Rubix Cube Paper Lantern 80's Party DIY

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 Rubix Cube Paper Lantern 80's Party DIY
Themed parties are so much fun...even for adults!  I just had an 80's themed birthday party for my 37th and it was a blast!  The full party will post in March, but here's a sneak peak!
 Use square paper lanterns and squares of brightly colored paper to make a fun Rubix cube design.  The perfect backdrop for an old school party.
 You will need:
Blue Square Paper Lanterns (3 pk)
Colored paper
Paper cutter
Hot Glue/Gun
Magic Cubes for fun!
 The paper lanterns are about 10 inches square.
 Put the wire inside the lanterns to make them puff up.  Some of the tissue paper on my lanterns was torn a bit, but it's okay.
 Next, use the paper cutter to cut the bright paper into 2.75 inch squares.
 Hot glue the squares right onto the sides of the lanterns.  I filled 4 sides with squares, not the top or the bottom.
 Some are mixed up, one was all same colors on each side.
 Great for a party background!
 I'll post the full party in a while!  Until then, make some fun paper lanterns!

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