Thursday, November 21, 2013

Doctor Who Logo Bad Wolf Shirt!

 The Bad Wolf with DW Logo shirt!
I've seen this quite a few places...not sure where to credit
other than BBC and Doctor Who.
So...personal use only.  Right click to save off.

I just put the file into my Silhouette Machine software and presto!
Cut it out of Freezer paper!
Ironed onto my dollar store t-shirt...shiny side irons on tight.
(full Freezer paper instructions here)

 I used white paint at the top and gray at the bottom...
sort of an ombre/dripping spray paint graffiti look.

 After painting, peel off the freezer paper while it's still wet.

 Let dry completely.
 And enjoy!  Or give as a gift to a fellow Doctor Who enthusiast!


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