Colorful Watercolor Wood Tags: Random Acts of Kindness!

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Colorful Watercolor Wood Tags: Random Acts of Kindness!
“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” —Aesop
Random acts of kindness day is February 17th, so think of some fun ways to involve your family in serving others.  I thought these bright colored jars of chocolate would be the best surprise to leave on doorsteps.
They are so bright and colorful, it's just so happy!
You will need:
Glass Milk Jars with lids
Chocolate Caramel Candy Balls
Wood Tags
Dr Ph Martins Bombay India ink
Bakers Twine
Plastic sandwich bag
Paintbrush and water
Fill the cute milk jars with a variety of colored chocolate caramel balls.
Place your sandwich bag on the work surface.  Drop a single drop of magenta, aqua and yellow Bombay inks on the bag in a triangle shape.
About the same distance apart as the wooden tag is.
Use the paintbrush and a tiny bit of water to mix around the colors very slightly.
Turn over the bag and press it right on the wooden tag.  Press it around with your fingers to get the colors to blend and bleed.
Even at this point, you can add some water on the paintbrush and move some color around slightly.  Repeat the process again and again.  Let the tags dry completely.
Then use a marker or brush pen and add some hand lettering to the tags.  Add a little shimmer with a glitter gel pen over the black ink.
They are darling--I could watercolor like that
Then use some baker's twine and tie the tags around the necks of the chocolate filled jars.
Now they are ready to leave randomly at homes or even at the cashier checkout at the grocery store!
They are brightly colored and super stunning!
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