13 Super Duper Birthday Cakes Round-Up!

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Yesterday was my birthday!  I can usually pass on cakes...just simple basic cakes do not thrill me.  Store bought frosting and cake mix by itself is not my favorite.  I do love a rich chocolate dessert though.  Here's some cakes and treats I've made that are just the thing I like.

Galaxy Cake
That dark chocolate fudge frosting was amazing!

Root Beer Cupcakes
These are awesome.  I started baking without chocolate when we found out my young son was allergic to it.  I had to come up with amazing alternatives and this was our number 1 favorite.

Mini Crepe Cake
These mini crepe cakes are adorable!  Filled with custard and topped with fudge and cherry, they are the perfect dessert!

Unicorn Poop Cupcakes
Simple...these are store bought and not the yummiest cakes, but they are adorable!  That swirled frosting is just fun!

Portal Cake
This was a fun layered cake to make.  I love the layers of cake and cream...it balances out for a very wonderful cake!  The cake is a lie.

Petit Fours
These are little and fun.  With a thick layer of sprinkles, what is not to love!?

Brownies made from a Cake Mix
Any day of the week, I would rather eat a brownie than a cake...and here's how to make brownies from a box cake mix!  You are welcome!

Friendship Bread
Don't let the word "bread" fool you.  It's definitely misnamed.  This is a cinnamon and sugar sweet cake!  So yummy!

Hands down, I will take cheesecake over any cake ever made.  This triple chocolate one was for my birthday last year and it's amazing.  Made in a pressure cooker, so no cracks or worries, perfection every time!

Candy Roses
These again are just cute.  Simple cupcakes can be decorated easily for a phenomenal look!

Drip Cake
Okay, this cake.  Who wouldn't love this cake?  We served this at my daughter's birthday to 12 people.  It was perfection for obvious reasons.

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