Blush Mint Gold Washi Tape Valentine Cards DIY!

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I received this gorgeous Washi Tape from Oriental Trading.
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Blush Mint Gold Washi Tape Valentine Cards DIY!
Today is my birthday--I'm totally 37!
I love making fancy Valentine's.  One year, way back in my childhood (circa 1988), my mom helped us make the most epic handmade Valentine's.  They had doilies, stickers, ribbon, layers, and fancy gold frames...they were a dream come true for this crafty child.  I sat at the kitchen table for hours making one after another.
Just about 10 years after that my mom passed away.  But about a year ago, I rummaged through my mom's supplies at my childhood home (my step mom is so patient and amazing to leave my mom's supplies untouched).  I found these fabulous gold paper frames and instantly those memories of the Valentine craft day of my childhood flooded my mind.
I took all the little gold frames for after doing the math of when my mom got them at Zim's craft store BEFORE I was born--they are at least 45 years old!  They've held up remarkably well!  Haha!
So this is a modern version of my childhood Valentine's!  Let's get started!
Here's what you'll need:
Turquoise and Gold Washi Tape (from Oriental Trading)
Mounting Foam
Brush Pen
Glitter gel Pen
Blush Cardstock
White Cardstock
Gold Frames
(Maybe try these stickers)

Start by computer printing or hand lettering some lovely Valentine sentiments to fit inside the little frames.
Cut the words in ovals to fit inside the frame.  Then use the glue pen to glue the frame to the word cardstock.
Looks cute!
Then add a touch of shimmer with the glitter pen for added bling!
Cut the blush cardstock in half so it measures 5.5 by 8.5 inches.  Fold the card in half to make it measure 5.5 by 4.25 inches---standard A2 size.  Then add strips of gorgeous glistening washi tape on the card face.
Overlap and change directions.  The gold and turquoise look wonderful with the blush...the turquoise looks mint!  Look carefully and you can see a little bit of a tear of the blush cardstock.
Just add some mounting foam to the backside of the framed word...
And cover the tear with the frame!  Easy and totally painless.  No perfectionist needed!
I like to run the washi tape off the edges, then lift and cut the edges straight.
Done--total swooning perfection!
Perfect for mailing in the post too!  Just envelope and add one stamp...and maybe some matching washi tape here and there.
Super fun to make with kids and friends too...and you'll most likely create a memory that will last for years and years to come.  Get a bunch of fun supplies and invite everyone to create to their little Valentine's day hearts content!
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Laura said…
Happy birthday! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!