Faux Stained Glass Candy Dish!

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 Faux Stained Glass Candy Dish!
Have you ever used faux stained glass paint?  It is so much fun.  Plaid has Gallery Glass paint and leading that is perfect for crafting.
 You will need
Gallery Glass Simulated Liquid Leading
Gallery Glass Window Color paints
Glass to paint
 Use the liquid leading like a marker drawing the coloring book pages.
I used a square candy dish, so I did one side at a time.
 Add more flowers and shapes, swirls and more.  Use a steady hand to squeeze out a bead and pull towards yourself, squeezing as you go.
 Let the surface dry overnight and then rotate the dish and doodle on the next surface.
 Let dry completely and it's ready for the coloring.
 On to the window color!  Use the colors to fill the shapes, just like coloring in a coloring book!  Same process as the leading, let the surface dry completely before turning to the next side.
 Once the paint dries, it becomes shiny and translucent.
 The sun shines through it like a real stained glass!
 It's super fun to make and very simple...just takes drying time in between steps.
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If you want a "less drying time" stained glass, try a one sided vase like this Tardis one:

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