10 Decorative Serving Tray Decor Upcycle DIY's

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6:00 AM

10 Decorative Serving Tray Decor Upcycle DIY's!

Serving trays, catch-alls, bed trays and organizing trays are one of my favorite mediums to upcycle.  They are so easy to hold resin, paint or be filled with glitter...the edges keep it all where it should be.  So while you are getting your house decluttered and organized, upcycle a few things into amazing decorative trays.  Which one is your favorite?

Perfect for using up the last little bit of paint in the bottles.

Great for that scrap of fabric you are holding onto.

Perfect for using up the leftover glitter from a craft.

Great way to upcycle a bed tray...with paper.

Perfect to upcycle an engraved tray...or use up glitter!

Upcycle a tray with old DVD's!

Use scraps of fabric that make your heart sing

Fill a tray with sand and take a zen trip to the beach.

Scrap of wood in the garage...upcycle it into a raised tray!

Upcycle a tray into a chalkboard!

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