Turquoise Hairpin Leg Cake Stand!

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 Turquoise Hairpin Leg Cake Stand!
 I love hairpin legs.  They are so cool looking.
They make every project look so amazing!
Cheesecake recipe coming soon.
Great way to add layers to a tablescape or party spread!
Great for a gorgeous wedding cake!
Or fun just for a breakfast in bed tray!
 I received these gorgeous 6 inch Hairpin Legs from DIYHairpinLegs.com
in exchange for this fun project.
The powder coated legs are so wonderful.  Smooth and clean.
They don't rust and they look fabulous, available in many colors!
I got the 6 inch turquoise.

Ah, look at that mint and the pink!  I love them!
I want them in every color!
They are sturdy and super well made.
They make them when you order them, so they are your exact specifications.
They are steel, sand blasted and then  powder coated for a thick glossy cover.
They are proudly made in the USA!
They range in size from 6 to 30 inches.
Let's make it now!

These legs are well made and would be able to support a great deal of weight.
 These legs are great for entertainment centers, couches...they just need a little 6 inch lift.
 I decided to make a cakestand with hairpin legs!
They would make a great breakfast tray for bed too!
These hairpin legs do all the work.  This is a snap!
Here's how:

11 1/8 square pine board
Four Turquoise 6" Hairpin Legs (from DIY Hairpin Legs)
Eight #6 5/8" wood screws
Eight #10 washers
Sand paper

 The length of the brackets is 10 inches, and the width of the pine I had was 11 1/8",
so I used the table saw to cut a square.
Then lined up the legs on the pine.
I had this pine on hand...when it's summer time,
I want to swap it out for a big thick log slice.
Because the pine board is only 3/4" thick, it requires shorter screws than the
1 inch they include with the legs.  This works for a cake stand because there wont be a
lot of pressure on it.  If it was for a bench, table or desk, I'd recommend a sturdier board
so it doesn't buckle and break when weight it on it.
But, for a cake stand, it's perfect!
 I just screwed it in twice per leg, but there are pilot holes for 4 screws per leg.
I used washers to make sure they didn't wear through the holes.
 Turn it over and a perfect little stand.
 This is what I use for a clear coat to keep it nice, protected, sanitary and easy to clean.

I think it's adorable and want a 3-tiered wedding cake on it!
For now, this cheesecake will have to do!

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Unknown said…
Doesn't this need a clear coat so the frostings,glazes or other things does not retain in the pores of the wood to grow bacteria?