Tropical Zen Garden DIY

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 Tropical Zen Garden DIY
This time of year always begs for a tropical vacation.
Lucky you, if you live in a tropical paradise!
I don't.  I like all the seasons, I don't mind the snow and cold...but I love the beach.
This little Zen Garden is a great way to help combat those Winter Blues.
 The white sand, the seashells, the hibiscus.
I love it.
This has actually turned into the favorite play thing at our home.
 You will need some supplies.
You can go more minimal, or more tropical.
I received these fun things from Oriental Trading.
They have everything you need for parties, holidays, toys, crafts and art supplies.

Wood Tray
Fruit of the Sea Seashells
Hot glue/gun
White sand
Neon Hibiscus Bandana

 I used a large wooden tray.
I wanted to make sure that the sand didn't pour through the handles,
so I used 2 small pieces of balsa wood and hot glued them over the holes on the inside.
 Just like this.
That way the tray is still useful and you can carry it with the handles.
 Next I poured in sand.  I used about half the 5 pound bag.
Fill high enough to rake and play with, but not too high that it spills easily.
 I set my Zen Garden on a bandana, to help with easy clean up if the sand spilled...and it does when you have a houseful of people that want to try it.
This is not made for small children.
 My youngest is 8 and this was a difficult concept for him, that he was not actually
 at the beach...and therefore, had to be careful.
 Use a pair or a single chopstick to rake the sand.
Slide and place shells on the sand.
Let the sensory experience transport you somewhere sunny.
 I love the adult coloring craze.  It is supposed to help you calm down and relax.
I am actually much more fond of this Zen Garden.
No lines to stay colors to worry about.
 Makes a great office accessory on a table or desktop.
 Play in the sand and remember warmer climates.
 Super relaxing and lots of fun.
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